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Gum Disease Laser Therapy

We have a solid reputation of providing the best and latest treatment for periodontal disease.

Waterlase Laser Dentistry - Santa Rosa, CADr. Frey was the first dentist to bring Waterlase dentistry to Santa Rosa in 2003. Waterlase dentistry is the use of high energy light beam, combined with a spray of water, to perform a wide range of dental procedures more comfortably. It can be used for cutting teeth, bone and gum tissue and can also do things that cannot be accomplished with traditional tools as the drill or scalpel.

Dental Fillings & Restorations

Why Are the Benefits of Waterlase Laser Dentistry?

  • Patient comfort! Waterlase Dentistry does not transmit heat or vibration, a major cause of discomfort associated with the dental drill. In addition, using the Waterlase reduces bleeding, post-operative pain and swelling in many procedures. Similar to our non-surgical root canals, the priority Waterlase therapy is non-invasive treatment whenever possible.
  • Accuracy and precision! Dr Frey is able to treat and target areas of tooth structure and gum tissue while leaving surrounding areas unaffected. Healing times are faster and much less painful when using a laser as opposed to a scalpel.
  • Fewer Shots and Less Anesthesia! This means no needles and no numb lip for many procedures. Laser dentistry usually doesn't cause any pain, which means that you don’t have to worry about getting pricked and prepped for anesthesia. Gum disease treatment via this method means that you can either reduce or get rid of the problems and costs that are caused by anesthesia.
  • Better Tooth Preparation. The Waterlase can increase the bond strength of tooth colored restorations for longer lasting fillings.
  • Fewer Dental Visits! Waterlase Dentistry allows us to perform many procedures in one visit without having to worry about numb lips. It also allows us to do procedures we previously had to refer out to a specialist.
  • Less Chance of Infection. It sterilizes the tooth area, which means that there will be less chance of infection.

What Types of Treatment Can Be Done?

We often use the Waterlase for decontamination of gum pockets as the laser energy can kill bacteria more effectively than rinses. The Waterlase is also used in reshaping the gums when doing smile designs. It is ideal for doing frenectomies for our patients who are tongue tied. If you ever have had an ulceration on the tongue, lips or cheeks, the Waterlase can eliminate their sting in seconds. Dr. Frey will frequently do fillings with the Waterlase, usually without having to give an injection. In truth, we discover new treatments all the time with our Waterlase.

Mary B says:

Description: I've had some terrible experiences at dental offices but I have yet to endure a bad one at Dr. Frey's. He recently fit me into a busy day when I had an emergency and as usual, showed me much compassion and gave me suggestions if the fix didn't work. So far so good. I'm always happy with the professional and pleasant staff, especially Angel and Aimee. I've recommended several people to Dr. Frey and will continue to do so as long as he has a practice.

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