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Dental Fillings & Restorations

Mark S. Frey, DDS provides exceptional tooth-colored fillings to restore your natural, beautiful smile.

Our practice is entirely mercury free. Even though silver/mercury dental fillings are being replaced by more modern materials, there are still many people who have these fillings from past dental work. These older fillings aren’t the most attractive option and unfortunately, they can end up weakening teeth, which may require the treatment of dental sealants.


Before Filling Restoration


After Filling Restoration

Tooth Colored Fillings

Dr. Frey only places tooth colored fillings and has been doing so since he opened his practice in 1996. Tooth colored fillings have many advantages over the more traditional silver fillings.

Tooth colored fillings are bonded or “glued” to the tooth, hence they require much less removal of tooth structure than silver fillings, which are mechanically locked in.

Dental Fillings & Restorations

Silver fillings expand and contract at a different rate with changes in temperature than the surrounding tooth structure; this often leads to cracks forming in the teeth. Teeth with cracks are prone to breaking, which could result in more costly procedures in the future such as root canals or crowns. We see much fewer cracks in teeth with tooth colored fillings, as they are bonded and expand and contract with temperature at a similar rate than the surrounding tooth structure.

Tooth colored fillings look a lot nicer than silver fillings. With advances in dental materials, tooth colored fillings are extremely durable and look beautiful.

Silver fillings are controversial as the silver is mixed with mercury to form a putty type amalgam which fills a cavity, then sets hard as the tooth. No credible peer-reviewed study has shown that the mercury is released at toxic levels once it is bound to the silver. Nevertheless, Dr. Frey feels that the tooth colored bonded resin fillings are a much better material with so many more advantages, that he feels there is no need to place silver fillings in his patients mouths.

What's Wrong With Silver Fillings?

There are several drawbacks associated with silver dental fillings. Silver can wear around the edges and lose structural integrity over time, even breaking in some cases. This leaves the tooth unprotected so that decay and cavities can take hold. Silver is a relatively soft metal and is prone to contracting, expanding and splitting as it ages.

Silver fillings also contain mercury (50%) and can corrode and leak over time, staining teeth and gums. The mercury content of these fillings is also thought to be a potential contributing factor to a variety of health problems.

The Advantages of Tooth-Colored Restorations

There are a lot of reasons that dentists and patients alike prefer naturally colored tooth restorations to amalgam fillings. Thanks to incredibly strong and durable resin onlays, they provide a better fit to your natural teeth, even in cases where there has been significant loss of tooth structure. This allows us to keep your teeth intact and stronger than before.

The resin used to bind restorations also contains fluoride and doesn’t need to be placed at the gum line, which is better for your gums, helps prevent decay and results in a better, more beautiful smile.

Preventative Dental Care

Even though we can do wonderful things with dental restorations, prevention is always preferable. The following tips can help you to keep your teeth healthy and looking their best.

  • Brush two or three times daily with fluoridated toothpaste
  • Floss twice daily
  • Avoid sugary foods and eat a well balanced, nutritious diet
  • See your dentist regularly to catch potentially serious dental problems early
Margaret Keefer says:

As the older I get I’m very nervous about the dentist!!! But loved by experience I think I might have found my favorite dentist 😍 👏🏻👍🏻 Thank you

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Jeff L.
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Excellent dentist, very professional and friendly team! Thank you!
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Megan F.
17:30 08 Nov 18
5 stars! Great Dentist! My son used to have anxiety but today he was calm and relaxed! We are very happy!
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Radrodro V.
01:09 03 Nov 17
Very friendly staff and thank you Dr Frey for taking time to talk and explain things to me.
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Melba M.
21:20 07 Jun 16
I am hoping you make 5 star tooth repair as i do not know where to get any quality dental work here in sonoma calif.If you can e-mail me before 5 pm today it is tuesday my home number is 869-8095 my name is Melba an emergency
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