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PlaySafe® Sports & Athletic Mouth Guard

Many sports leagues require players to wear an athletic mouth guard to protect kids from breaking a tooth or jaw and to help prevent concussions. Dr. Mark S. Frey, DDS believes a custom athletic mouth guard is vastly superior to the over-the-counter one. A mouth guard, even if cheap, is worthless if it’s not worn.

playsafe sports athletic mouthguardUsually the over the counter athletic mouth guards are made up of a boil-and-bite type material that can be bulky, one size fits all, poor fitting and not very durable. Players end up not wearing them because they have to bite down to hold them in place. This makes breathing and communicating with a teammate a challenge.

PlaySafe® Sports & Athletic Mouth Guard

A custom athletic protection device such as the PlaySafe® sports mouth guard provides the highest level of protection during sports activity and ours are made from a thermo-formed, multi-layered, highly durable material. They come in six levels of protection and fit snugly. No worries about having to hold it place or being able to breathe. There are many colors to choose from and team names can be added.

Mouth guards are generally not covered by dental insurance, however the cost of one broken tooth or jaw, even with dental insurance, will be much greater than the cost of a custom mouth guard. Our custom mouth guards range in fee from $97 to $327 depending on the level of protection.

Janna says:

It has taken me 9 years of saving to repair/replace my front upper teeth. Dr . Frey and his excellent staff have worked with a gum specialist to prepare for my new teeth. The lab his office uses is small and only works with a handful of local dentists. It has been in the works for almost three months. This week Dr. Frey inserted my 8 new permanent crowns on my front teeth. They corrected thin & broken teeth, odd spaces, discoloration (from meds my mom took while pregnant.). My teeth are beautiful!!! Can't stop smiling!!! Thanks to Dr. Frey & his staff!!!!

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