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Advanced Technology

Precision Dentistry


Dr. Mark Frey’s cosmetic dentistry practice uses cutting edge technology to ensure the best possible outcome for all of your dental care.

Dentistry is essentially small-scale surgery, and the equipment we use reflects this. For example, powerful microscopes with state of the art optics are one of our most important tools. They’re similar to what you might see in an ophthalmologist’s office and these are how we can get the precision imaging we need to create dental restorations which provide you with the perfect fit. It’s a level of detail which simply isn't possible using the naked eye. Our microscopes also give us such fine control over the process that we can focus the light directly where it’s needed, so you’ll experience little to no glare.

Our commitment to precision technology doesn't end there either. Our drills (or hand-pieces as they’re known in dentistry) aren't those loud, whining air powered drills you’re probably familiar with. We use electric powered hand-pieces for two reasons. One is that electric powered hand-pieces have far smoother rotation than air driven models. Just as importantly, there’s a lot less vibration and noise for your comfort during the process. Our electric tools mean a better, more comfortable fit for your new filling, veneer, crown or other dental restoration.

Mark S. Frey, DDS - Santa Rosa cosmetic dentist

Air Abrasion - The No-Drill Dental Treatment

Air abrasion is another advanced technology that allows us to do fillings without having to get you numb. This technology delivers a focused stream of air mixed with a fine powder which removes hard tooth structure. It is ideal for doing smaller fillings in the grooves and pits of back teeth and allows Dr. Frey to do multiple fillings in several areas of the mouth in one appointment. This saves you time by reducing the number of visits, and you leave the office without having a numb lip. A quick rinse with water and you are on your way!

Light Induced Fluorescent Cavity Detection

Intra-Oral Camera

Our office uses a SOPROLife (Light Indused Fluorescence Evaluator) intra-oral high definition camera to capture very clear images of your mouth, teeth, and gums in detail that could otherwise be missed. Incorporated in the camera is a revolutionary technology that can emit a specific wavelength of blue light. A Sensor in the camera will pick up a pattern of fluorescence on hard dental tissues. The color pattern of the fluorescence can show the presence of a cavity that might otherwise be missed. It's best to catch a cavity when it is small to keep treatment much simpler and less expensive.

Digital X-Ray Imaging

Digital imaging technology

Digital x-rays provide imaging which is far superior to traditional x-rays. The images can be viewed in high definition on a computer monitor rather on 33mm film for a more precise diagnosis. These images give us a way to see things that are invisible to the naked eye, such as cavities and bone health. They also provide a means to closely examine the nerves and roots of your teeth, help identify tumors, cysts, and other lesions, as well as examine damage due to trauma. The sensors we use are much more comfortable than the sharp edges of traditional x-ray films. Digital x-rays also have the advantage of being much safer, with only 1/16 of the exposure of conventional x-rays. In Dr. Frey’s office, we use digital imaging technology to reduce exposure time for radiographs by as much as 50% while also allowing us to get in-depth imaging which can be easily stored and transferred to your insurer or to specialists as needed.

Laser Dentistry


If you’re like most people, you’re not exactly thrilled about drills, needles and anesthetic numbness. Fortunately, Dr. Frey is one of the very few dentists in Santa Rosa California who offers the option of laser dentistry, one of the latest developments in the field. Laser dentistry uses light energy which can be targeted to be absorbed by particular targets. For example, lasers can be employed to target decay, gum tissue or enamel or for whitening treatments, all of which respond to certain wavelengths of light.

Laser dentistry is suitable for procedures involving teeth or soft tissue. Dr. Frey’s office uses Waterlase technology, which is so gentle that it can often be used without local anesthesia. Laser dentistry causes no vibration or heat, so it’s an exceptionally comfortable process. Whenever possible, this is the method of choice for dental surgery involving soft tissue, since there is no need for suturing and the post-surgical healing process is generally far quicker. Laser technology also has diagnostic applications, especially in identifying cavities and decay in the early stages when it can often be treated with fluoride and cleaning without requiring filing or other dental interventions.

Laser dentistry is used in dental care procedures including:

  • Diagnosis and removal of cavities
  • Curing (hardening) bonding materials for dental restorations
  • Tooth whitening
  • Periodontal (gum) care
  • Pediatric dentistry
  • Treating apthous ulcers (canker sores)
  • Anestheric and suture-free frenectomy (tongue-tie release)
  • Root canals
  • Apioectomies
  • Gingivectomies, crown lengthening and other periodontal procedures

Laser dentistry is safe and effective for children and adults alike.

Intraoral Camera

Many patients, particularly younger patients, are comfortable with Dr. Frey’s high tech dental care. Computers are ever present in our lives today and dentistry is no exception. Our commitment to using the best new technologies helps us provide you with better dental care and gives you a better understanding of your dental health and your diagnosis. One of the most important technological advances in modern dentistry which we use is the intraoral camera. These very tiny (sometimes just a few millimeters in length) high definition cameras allow us to capture very clear images of your mouth, teeth and gums with detail that could otherwise be missed. The result is faster diagnoses and less time in a dental chair. We can quickly and easily save these images for your treatment record and print the images for specialists, labs, insurers or for your own records.

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