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Zoom! Teeth Whitening

If you want a whiter smile right now, or if you want to whiten your teeth more gradually over a longer period of time, we offer two options to brighten your smile through ZOOM!

ZOOM! In-Office

Zoom! Teeth Whitening in Santa Rosa

This teeth whitening system that can be completed in about an hour. It makes use of the latest technology to get your teeth at least 6-8 shades whiter while you sit comfortably in a reclined dental chair. It is perfect for the person who has to have whiter teeth in the least amount of time. A custom clear whitening tray is fabricated and whitening gel dispensed for occasional future 15 minute touch-ups you can do at home.

Mark S. Frey, DDS - Santa Rosa cosmetic dentist

ZOOM! Take-Home

This tooth whitening treatment is more gradual and is done at home. Your teeth will get just as white as with the in-office system for less cost. Dr. Frey will fabricate a custom clear whitening tray for you which you will add a whitening gel yourself. The custom fit of the trays assures the gel will remain only on the teeth. You wear the trays with the whitening gel for 15 minutes twice a day. Even after a few days you will already see the teeth getting lighter.

For either treatment, it is recommended that you have your teeth cleaned first to remove any surface stain, plaque or mineral deposits (tartar), which will serve as a barrier to prevent the whitening material from penetrating into the tooth. Take-home users should brush and floss before inserting their trays with whitening gel for the same reason.

Many agree that over the counter paint-on gels and white strips give limited results and often lead to a non-uniform whitening pattern. You will get a much whiter, more complete and quicker result with either of the ZOOM! Whitening treatment systems.

What is ZOOM! Teeth Bleaching? These systems use a form of hydrogen peroxide of varying concentrations to penetrate into the enamel and dentin of teeth to remove internal tooth stains. As the material breaks down it releases oxygen molecules that bind to the stain, but leave tooth structure untouched. The in-office system has a light that helps the hydrogen peroxide penetrate the tooth surface more easily for a quicker result.

What causes teeth discoloration? Your teeth can change color for many different reasons. Coffee, tea, tobacco, and red wine. In fact any food or drink with color can create stains that penetrate through the enamel and dentin of teeth. Certain antibiotics can also discolor developing teeth in children, whether taken by the child or passed on to the child during pregnancy if they are taken by the mother.

Is it safe? It has been proven that when done correctly, teeth whitening is very safe. It is generally considered by dentists to be one of the safest ways to get a beautiful smile. There have not been any studies on using these products with children under the age of 13, so they are not candidates for teeth whitening. This is also true for pregnant or nursing women.

Is it painful? You should not experience any pain with ZOOM!. Most of our patients who have had the in-office treatment fell asleep. We provide overhead screens and ear phones if you want to watch a show or listen to music. On occasion, some patients may experience a little, temporary tooth sensitivity afterwards which disappears within 24 hours as the teeth re-hydrate. If you are prone to tooth sensitivity, then an over-the-counter pain medication such as Ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin), or Tylenol will easily manage the sensitivity. Take-home users can reduce sensitivity by doing the whitening only once a day instead of twice a day, or do their whitening sessions every other day. We tend to see very little sensitivity with the ZOOM! Whitening systems compared with other whitening systems available.

Should I bleach my teeth? Most any natural tooth can be whitened. If you have any dental fillings or crowns, they will not respond to the whitening material and will remain the same color. Some patients who whiten their teeth may have to have some of their restorations replaced to match the lighter color. When doing cosmetic cases, or fillings in the front teeth, Dr. Frey will ask whether or not you have whitened your teeth before he starts treatment.

Are teeth whitening procedures commonly performed? Yes many people whiten their teeth on a regular basis. It is an easy, simple and safe way to make your smile beautiful and youthful when you use either ZOOM! Teeth Whitening system.

Do my teeth stay whiter for a long time? If done correctly, your results are very stable and will last quite some time. Depending on diet, there can be some slight fade-back over time. You can quickly restore your bright smile on your own. Both teeth whitening systems come with take-home whitening gel for short, 15 minute touch-ups, that you can do a few times a year to refresh your smile. Extra touch up kits are also available at our office for a nominal cost of $30.

Are the ZOOM! Whitening systems better than store-bought products? In a short word, yes! Over the counter products must use much lower concentrations of whitening material to avoid burning the gums. This means it takes longer and more product to whiten your teeth. In both ZOOM! Whitening systems, the teeth are isolated from the gums, either with a custom whitening tray for home use, or with an isolating resin blocking material for in-office whitening. Consequently we are able to then use whitening gels in higher concentrations that can evenly cover all surfaces of the teeth, can more rapidly whiten teeth and give a more uniform result. Fold over strips are easily dislodged, don’t always touch all surfaces of the teeth and paint on gels require you to hold your lips and tongue away from the teeth so that you don’t wipe the material away.

How are the take-home and in-office treatments different? Basically, the take-home system is about a quarter of the cost of the in-office system and is more convenient for you if you are not in a hurry, or prefer doing the task yourself. It also allows you to control how white the teeth get. For some, a little whiter is all they want. The in-office version must be applied by Dr. Frey, or one of his assistants at prescribed 15-minute intervals, but the results are much quicker. Follow the system that best fits your lifestyle. Feel free to ask us any time if you have any questions about either ZOOM! teeth whitening system.

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