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Posted on September 4, 2016 by Mark S. Frey in the category dental services.

Rohnert Park, CA – Mark Frey, DDS, is a dentist from Sonoma County, based in Santa Rosa, who’s worked in the industry for over twenty years. He started his dentistry career in ’96, and is still considered one of the most proficient cosmetic dentists in California a couple of decades later. Dr. Frey specializes in the areas of general and cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, laser dentistry, and oral conscious sedation procedures.

Having graduated from the University of Southern California, Doctor Frey was trained at Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center in Downey, Los Angeles County. Today, in addition to his dentistry work, Dr. Frey serves on the Advisory Board for dental programs at Santa Rosa Junior College. Dr. Frey now serves the people of Rohnert Park, CA with his warm and gentle dentistry.

Mark S. Frey, DDS - Santa Rosa cosmetic dentist

Cosmetic Dentistry Explained

Cosmetic dentistry is different from general dentistry in a couple of main aspects. General dentists will help you repair your teeth, fix cavities, remove wisdom teeth, etc. As opposed to a general dentist, a cosmetic dentist will always make sure that your teeth as white as possible. General dentists, while great at functional work, are not as trained as cosmetic dentists as far as the aesthetics of your teeth go. Over decades of experience, Doctor Frey and his staff learned abilities necessary to be able to offer both types of work, therefore making their office a first-choice place for everyone who needs a great general and cosmetic dentist. High quality installing dental implants, crowns and bridges, as well as dental bonding and teeth whitening are all regular procedures for cosmetic dentists.

Mark S. Frey, Family Dentist in Rohnert Park

There is a plethora of reasons why it is incredibly important to have a family dentist. Naturally, your goal is to be able to offer your child the best possible dental care. Your family dentist is a professional who you’re familiar with, who knows what you’re afraid of, what your idiosyncrasies and quirks are, and someone your children like. You don’t want to be bringing your kid to another dentist whenever they’re in pain �” such situations may be incredibly emotionally difficult even to adults.

What is Teeth Whitening?

As per Doctor Frey, members of his dental team, who do amazing teeth whitening work, will do whatever they can so the imperfections of your smile never pose a problem for you again. To whiten your teeth, they use everything from whitening gels and porcelain veneers to lasers.

In the past couple of years, the number of coffee and food-resistant whitening techniques has greatly increased. As far as whitening methods go, dentists opt for using porcelain veneers seeing as they provide the quickest, the longest and most effective solution. Porcelain veneers do a beautiful job of getting rid of teeth imperfections. Another technique Dr. Frey uses to whiten your teeth is the ZOOM! whitening technique, which consists of hydrogen peroxide that penetrates the enamel of the tooth and whitens your teeth.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is essentially a replacement for the root of your tooth. Dental implants are used to help patients who desperately need a new tooth, and who could do little but torely on bridges and dentures. Dental implants hold the tooth and are fused to the jawbone over the course of a few months. Ultimately, it forms a new tooth. That in mind, a dental implant may easily last a lifetime if you take good care of them.

Doctor Frey’s office has TVs installed above you �” you can watch your favorite movies while the dr. is working on your teeth. Who could say no to that?

Rohnert Park – Dr. Frey’s address is 990 Sonoma Ave #6, Santa Rosa CA 95404 �” come visit, or contact him at (707) 800-3556 or click here to send a message through his contact form.

Evan G says:

Really efficient operation. Dr. Frey is very professional taking better care than any other dentist I have been to!! He ROCKS!!!!

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